Because it’s never about red flags – it’s all the little pink flags we ignore along the way.

Hi, I’m Amanda. Previously the founder of a non-profit called Don’t Stay, Inc. The mission of Don’t Stay was to procure funds to discreetly get women enduring “non traditional” Domestic Violence out of their homes, and into new and safe apartments. From this, and my own experience with a Narcissistic Abuser, a book was born. Coming to print 2023.

Chapter 6: You Make the Knife Feel Good

“You can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness” Gotye once said this. Okay, he said it 9 trillion times in the summer of 2011. This phrase is about to be very important. Here’s the chapter that is going to win me the least points. I predict everyone’s least favorite because it’s going to […]

Chapter 5: Purple People Eater

As good as an abuser is at wooing their partner, they are even better at wooing everyone around them. This can range from their family, their partner’s family, mutual friends, neighbors, co-workers, teachers, members of the community and of course, social media. Only makes sense, if they can court one, they can court ‘em all. […]

Chapter 4: From Cakes to Crumbs

Ok. Before we do this… If you didn’t read the last chapter, Love Bombs + Litmus Tests, do not read another word of this until you go backwards. For a successful bait and switch, I need to of course bait you before I can switch you. Like any good socio. Also, without understanding the staging, […]

Chapter 3: Love Bombs + Litmus Tests

One of the biggest Jedi mind-fucks of a relationship with a Narcissist or even just an abuser, is the beginning.

Here’s the echo chamber:

“Why do you go for guys like that?”


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